... my world trip ... tote bag

photo courtesy: ayu ovira 2013

I'd love to make tote bag from this kind of cotton oxford fabric. I like the feel of the fabric, it does not thick as canvas but thicker than usual cotton. It's easy to sew and it suit for making a tote bag. I like the illustration too, it is world trip theme. I wish I can use it if someday i go abroad :)

photo by ayu ovira 2013

Both side of this tote bag has congenial theme. See picture above the front and the back one.

photo by ayu ovira 2013

For the lining, i m using the cotton fabric with the beautiful flower motif. It has a pocket inside. This bag is large enough to fill a lot of thing. Dimension of this tote bag is 50cm x 50cm.

It's a simple but nice isn't it?

If you interesting with the fabric, you can visit Craftalova facebook fan page to find out more ^_^.

Have a nice day!


  1. great tote bag, cute fabrics.. perfect piece of art.. :)

  2. Ajak2 ya ka go abroad nya, pake tas ini...heuheeheu

  3. Mba ayu, saya minta email nya boleh?

  4. Replies
    1. yang ini sudah saya pakai sendiri mba Yulianti, hehe... ^^

  5. mba kalo mau jahit tali katunnya itu pake jarum khusus ga * maksud ky no jarum brp?*